Why Newly Constructed Homes Still Need a Home Inspection

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Having a new home inspected is a crucial part of the buying process. However, if you are buying a home built within the last five years, you might think an inspection just isn’t needed. Unfortunately, it can be a costly mistake thinking this. A home inspector looks out only for your interests and even new homes can have serious problems.

What Problems Can Manifest in newly Built Homes?

If you are undecided on if you need a home inspection before buying a recently built building, here are a few things an inspection can turn up in them:

Structural Defects

From the foundation to the roofing, it will all be checked. A home inspector will look for raised shingles, foundation cracks, and other signs of future problems like organic growth in the crawl space. This also extends to drainage issues and grading as well, which often fall to the wayside during the building process.

Electrical Issues

Few homeowners know much about electricity. As such, they don’t know a properly wired outlet from an unsafe and improperly wired one. Your home instructor can help prevent potential fire hazards and keep you safe by checking for improper wiring and possibly open grounds.

Missing Insulation

Insulation is something that some construction companies can skimp on. However, you don’t feel it until the temperatures reach an extreme. Home inspectors will make sure it wasn’t skimped in the areas they can check because if they skimp there, the rest of the house could be lacking as well.

HVAC and Plumbing Issues

Both plumbing and HVAC are often contracted out. With luck, those professionals were properly licensed and did a good job. Unfortunately, these issues can be easily overlooked by home buyers, but are very costly to fix.

Why Do New Homes Have Problems?

There are building codes and municipal inspections done when building new structures. Why can some of these problems happen? Unfortunately, municipal inspectors are both very busy and only look for certain things on their checklist. Building codes are very minimum standards and it is often “the owner’s problem” after it is built.

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