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ABET Inspections has been in business for over 35 years in the Sugar Land area and has conducted thousands of home inspections. We utilize the industry's most advanced technology to uncover any hidden problems within a home's foundation, utility systems, built-in appliances, and physical structure. We compile all findings into a comprehensive report. The more information you have, the better positioned you are for negotiations.

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Should I get a home inspection?
A home inspection is the best way for a buyer to perform their due diligence on a prospective home. You may encounter a situation where a seller has a pre-listing inspection done and available to you. Because real estate, whether residential or commercial, is one of the largest investments a person makes in their lifetime, we encourage you, as the buyer, to always have your own home inspection done. Here are additional benefits to having your own home inspection done:

  • Double check the accuracy of the Seller's preliminary report
  • Confirm that any repairs or new installations made in response to the results of the seller's report were executed properly
  • Provides the opportunity to ask clarifying questions about the house directly to an inspector

Contact ABET Home Services for a thorough home inspection and feel confident in your real estate decision.

“I can't recommend ABET enough”
Highest attention to detail in their reports coupled with amazing customer service and willingness to provide advanced information during an inspection. I can't recommend ABET enough.— Alex R.